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Features of OSP Label Products

Feature 1
We offer a wide range of materials and techniques

As a leading company in the sticker industry, we utilize processing technology related to sticker and label manufacturing and R&D capabilities for materials and adhesives to meet customer needs.

Feature 2
Low cost, quick delivery, small lot support

We are able to handle low costs, short delivery times, and small lots because we consistently develop production within the group from the production of printing base paper to planning, design production, and production using a printing method that eliminates loss.

Feature 3
Suggestions by designers with knowledge of packaging

Approximately 100 designers with knowledge of printing methods and packaging will propose designs that meet the customer's needs while maximizing the appeal of the product.

Label Products

industry leader

Since our founding in 1927, we have continued to focus on high technology and stable quality. We are currently responsible for one-third of the seals and labels manufactured in Japan. We flexibly respond to small-lot orders and orders with short delivery times.

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